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Definition of Colorblindness

Colorblindness is a condition where a person has difficulty distinguishing between certain colors or seeing them altogether.

This means that they may see some colors as shades of gray or be unable to see them at all. It is a genetic condition that affects how the cells in the eye respond to light.

People with colorblindness can still see, but their perception of colors may be different from those with normal color vision.

Types of Colorblindness

Red-green colorblindness: This is the most common type, where people have trouble telling the difference between red and green.

Blue-yellow colorblindness: This is a rarer type where people have trouble telling the difference between blue and yellow.

Complete colorblindness: This is very rare and means a person can't see any colors at all, only shades of gray.

This program aims to raise awareness and empathy for color blindness by providing information about the condition's impact on daily life. We want to encourage early detection of color blindness through a free online quiz, which can help individuals receive appropriate support and accommodations to improve their quality of life.

We recognize that color blindness can present significant challenges, from choosing clothing to operating machinery, and we want to provide resources to help individuals navigate these obstacles. By promoting understanding and inclusivity for those with color blindness, we hope to create a more compassionate and informed society. Join us in our mission to create a better world for all!

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